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    How To... Moodle

    The topic areas on this page contain links to step by step instructions as to how to edit your course pages, add resources, activities and other goodies...

    Thanks to Jacqui Land from Papanui High School for helping get this started and Mark Callagher at Wellington College for the Useful Links list.

    If you find any instructions here that need updating (the Moodle site is upgraded from time-to-time so this can happen), please contact Chris Walker (wa@burnside.school.nz).

  • Topic 1

    Adding Resources

    The starting point for your Moodle page is providing your students with some information - whether it's a file to download and work with, a page showing information, a weblink to a useful site, or a video they can watch online.

  • Topic 2

    Adding Activities

    Moodle is designed by and for education. So there are a whole lot of activities that you can add to your page for students to interact with. Forums are the most popular and useful, so they get a section of their own below. Here are some other activities that are also widely used on this site:

    • Assignments
      are online dropboxes where students can submit work for you to grade and/or comment on.

      Moodle offers you 4 different options for Assignments:

      Upload a Single File: This type allows a student to upload a file (for example a word-processed document or an image) for the teacher to grade and provide comments. If you have a single assignment you want to collect online, this is the type to use.

      Advanced Uploading of Files: This allows for a student to upload multiple files. If you wish to have a dropbox that stays open for classwork throughout the year, rather than just for a single assignment, this is the type to use.

      Online Text: Rather than uploading a file, the students write directly into a blank page provided by this Assignment. This is then graded by the teacher.

      Offline Activity: This is rarely used, but assumes that the work was done by the student offline, but the teacher wants to grade it online.

      Chosen which Assignment Type you want? Click on the appropriate Step-by-Step instructions below for guides to adding them to your page:

    • Step-by-Step Instructions - Assignments

    • Glossaries are lists of key terms and definitions for your course. You can set them up yourself or have students enter key terms and grade their entries. This can then be used in conjunction with the 'Random Glossary Entry' block to have a 'Word of the Day' appear on your course page.

  • Topic 3

    News and Forums

    Forums are an excellent communication tool. Students enrolled in your course receive automatic email notifications whenever a post is made on one of your forums. They can also be used for online discussions, question-and-answer sessions and sharing resources.

    • There are two main types of Forums on this site:

      1. News Forums come are standard with all Academic Course pages; and look like this:

      news forum

      Click on the link below for instructions to:

      • add a news item to your Forum
      • change the nam of your Forum
      • delete your Forum.

      2. 'Social' Forums come standard on News-based pages, like Department Pages and Extra-Curricular Pages.

      See, for example, the English Department Page or the Sports Office Page.

      This is what a blank page with a Social Forum looks like:

      The instructions below show you how to:

      • add a new topic
      • change the name of your Forum
  • Topic 4

    Using Blocks

    'Blocks' are the technical term for the boxes that appear on one or both sides of a Moodle Page. Your pages come with a few blocks as 'standard', but there will be some you want to keep and some you want to delete. And there may be others you want to add to help customise your pages.

    • To add a block to your page, click the 'Turn Editing On' button. A box called 'Blocks' will pop up on the right hand side of the page (you may need to scroll down to see it). Click on 'Add' to see a list of different types of blocks you can add to your page.

      Here is a list of commonly-used blocks, with descriptions of what they do:

  • Topic 5

    Course Setup

  • Topic 6

    Other Web Tools

    Using the 'Tools' menu you can login automatically to a number of useful websites. This section has guides to these tools and how to use them.