Enrolment Year 9

    Friday   31 July 2015                     Closing date for all Year 9 applications

    Thursday 6 August 2015                Ballot for Year 9 out-of-zone applicants

    Friday 7 August 2015                     Letters of acceptance/decline sent

    NOTE: Dates above also apply to in-zone applicants at all other levels


    Enrolment Year 10-13 Out-Of-Zone

    Friday   7 August 2015                    Closing date for Yr 10-13 out-of-zone applications

    Friday   14  August 2015                  Letters of acceptance/decline sent


  • Topic 2


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    • Home Zone
      All students who live within the home zone described below shall be entitled to enrol at the school.

      • From Russley Road east along Wairakei Road to Breens Road,
      • north along Breens Road to Twyford Street,
      • along Twyford Street to Vauxhall Street,
      • east along Vauxhall Street to Farrington Avenue,
      • north along Farrington Avenue to Hornsby Street,
      • east along Hornsby Street and crossing Mooray Avenue to Staines Street,
      • east along Staines Street to Grahams Road,
      • north along Grahams Road to Greers Road,
      • south along Greers Road to Saffron Street,
      • along Saffron Street to Manor Place,
      • east along Manor Place to Wairakei Road,
      • east along Wairakei Road to Idris Road,
      • east along Idris Road to Glandovey Road,
      • south along Glandovey Road to Fendalton Road,
      • west along Fendalton Road to Clyde Road,
      • south along Clyde Road to Creyke Road,
      • west along Creyke Road to Maidstone Road,
      • continuing west along Maidstone Road to Withells Road,
      • along a line across Withells Road to Wardour Mews,
      • west along Wardour Mews to Berkshire Drive,
      • west along Berkshire Drive to Greystoke Lane,
      • west along Greystoke Lane and continuing on this line to Russley Road,
      • north along Russley Road to Wairakei Road.

      This includes residences on both sides of the boundary roads included  in the zone.
      Proof of residence within the home zone will be required.

  • Topic 3


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  • Year 13 Dress Code 2015


    Currently Year 13 students may CHOOSE to wear appropriate mufti instead of their school uniform provided that they abide by the Dress Code. 

    This practice seeks to recognise the transition to the world of work and study. But, while the school respects individual difference and taste, Year 13 students must be mindful of the leadership role they have in the wider school.


          1.   At all times, students must:

    •   be clean, tidy, respectable and show good judgement in terms of appropriateness for a school environment
    •   not have underwear showing below, above or through clothing
    •   not be threatening or offensive to others
    •   not have clothing with rips or holes
    •   not wear sports gear, except for when changed for PE or sport.


           2.   Boys MUST be clean shaven (ie NO beards, moustaches, long sideburns).


           3.   Footwear:

    •   is required to be worn at all times
    •   jandals are not acceptable (includes rubber and leather jandals)
    •   heels should not be excessively high
    •   closed in shoes are required in labs, kitchens & workshops for safety reasons.


            4.   Caps and hats are not to be worn inside.


            5.   Jewellery and makeup is acceptable if it is discreet and appropriate for a work environment.


            6.   Body piercing, which is externally visible, is considered inappropriate in the school environment (eg. Nose, lip, chin and eyebrow rings/studs are not to be worn).


            7.   Hair should be clean, tidy and clear of the face.




    S Sidaway

    Second Principal