Topic outline

  • Year 9 Testing

    All students are given three tests to help with placement in class.  This testing will take place at Burnside High School for all students on Friday 16 September 2016 at the following times:


    8.30 am - 11.00 am                          All Cobham Intermediate  and

                                                              Breens Intermediate students ONLY


    12.30 pm - 3.00 pm                         All other students


    Your child's school has been advised of the testing date and times.  Please make your own arrangements for transporting your child to and from Burnside High School.  Students from Cobham Intermediate will be collected from the front of the Aurora Centre by staff from Cobham and walked back to school at the completion of their testing.  If you are dropping off or collecting your child please enter the school via the main entrance on Greers Road and exit via the Memorial Avenue gate.  Students will be returned to the front of the Aurora Centre for you to collect at the end of testing as indicated above.  To assist you in the transportation process you may wish to consider car pooling.


    Students are asked to assemble at the main entrance to the Aurora Centre by 8.30 am

    or 12.30 pm.  We will have a Mihi Whakatau which will take approximately 5 minutes - you are welcome to stay with your child for this.  After the welcome students will be taken over to the rooms where the testing will take place.   Students should bring a blue or black biro and a ruler.  Calculators are not permitted. 


    For students who are unable to attend on Friday 16 September, there will be a catchup test on Friday 21 October 2016, 10.30 am - 1.00 pm.   Students who do not attend the initial testing date will be reminded by email.


    Our testing of students comprises only part of the data we gather.  Contributing schools provide detailed information on all of our incoming students.


    Parent Education Programme - Success at High School


    The school offers a number of workshops for parents on a variety of topics including ‘Success at High School’.  It is specifically designed for parents of next year’s Year 9 and has been well attended over recent years.  The workshop will consider the challenges of starting high school and how parents and the school can work together to minimise these. This workshop will be held over two nights, Tuesday 11 October and Wednesday 12 October 2016, 7.00 pm - 9.00pm in the staffroom.



    Parent Information Evening and Interviews


    On Wednesday 26 October 2016, there will be an evening for parents starting at 7.00 pm in the Aurora Centre.  The first part of this evening will include a welcome by the Principal followed by speakers on student welfare and placement, the Music Department, E-Learning, sports programmes and the PTA.


    The latter part of the evening will be set aside for individual interviews with senior teachers.  Parents who have specific concerns, or have information about their son or daughter that would be useful for us to know are encouraged to make an interview appointment.


    Two further newsletters will be sent to you in October and December this year.  They will provide you with important information including class placement, uniform requirements, stationery requirements, and the arrangements for the start of 2017. 

    • 2017 ENROLMENT



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      • Topic 3


        Please click the link below for the full Uniform Requirements and Suppliers

        Please click the link below for the Burnside High School PTA Uniform Shop New Uniform Price List

        BHS Price List 2017

        • Year 13 Dress Code 2016


          Currently Year 13 students may CHOOSE to wear appropriate mufti instead of their school uniform provided that they abide by the Dress Code. 

          This practice seeks to recognise the transition to the world of work and study. But, while the school respects individual difference and taste, Year 13 students must be mindful of the leadership role they have in the wider school.


                1.   At all times, students must:

          •   be clean, tidy, respectable and show good judgement in terms of appropriateness for a school environment
          •   not have underwear showing below, above or through clothing
          •   not be threatening or offensive to others
          •   not have clothing with rips or holes
          •   not wear sports gear, except for when changed for PE or sport.


                 2.   Boys MUST be clean shaven (ie NO beards, moustaches, long sideburns).


                 3.   Footwear:

          •   is required to be worn at all times
          •   jandals are not acceptable (includes rubber and leather jandals)
          •   heels should not be excessively high
          •   closed in shoes are required in labs, kitchens & workshops for safety reasons.


                  4.   Caps and hats are not to be worn inside.


                  5.   Jewellery and makeup is acceptable if it is discreet and appropriate for a work environment.


                  6.   Body piercing, which is externally visible, is considered inappropriate in the school environment (eg. Nose, lip, chin and eyebrow rings/studs are not to be worn).


                  7.   Hair should be clean, tidy of suitable colour and clear of the face.




          S Sidaway

          Second Principal