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      If you are thinking of applying to Burnside High School as an international student, please read these notes carefully before completing your application.

      Applicants should complete the International Students Application Form. Full attention should be given to the list of requirements at the end of the application form. Applicants should be aware that International Students at Burnside High School are required to have some competency in English, both oral and written, above average academic results and a desire and commitment to fully co-operate and contribute to the life of the school. The English competency level is an IELTS of 5 or equivalent and must be able to achieve this level in an English test upon entrance to Burnside High School.  If the student can not achieve this level on entering Burnside High School then we reserve the right to either place the student in the Burnside High School Intensive Programme until the required standard is reached or at the school’s discretion, refer the student to an English language school or rescind the enrolment where the student must return to the student’s home country.  The option of Language school or returning to the student’s home country would be at the cost of the student’s parents.


      Entry to Burnside High School for International Students is dependent on two criteria.

      Academic Achievement
      Burnside High School is proud of the achievement of students at the school. International Students applying for entry must be able to demonstrate a positive attitude towards their studies, and a high level of achievement in their own country.

      English Language Ability
      Burnside High School has an excellent English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) department. Teachers in the department are expert at improving the language skills of International Students, enabling those students to function in the subjects they are studying. Students who have very limited skills in English will find studying in English very difficult. In such cases it may be a requirement for the student to attend our Intensive Programme until the required level of English is reached or at the school's discretion. Please see the ESOL course options attached below.


      1. If the application is accepted by the school an 'Offer of Place' is sent - the offer remains open for one month
      2. Acceptance by the applicant of the 'Offer of Place' is confirmed with the payment of the full year's tuition fees and signed acceptance letter.
      3. Once the school receives the fees, a receipt is sent to the successful applicant who may then apply to the nearest New Zealand High Commission or Embassy for a Student Permit/Visa. Both the Offer of Place and the receipt for fees payment will be required for permit/visa application.
      4. Following acceptance, a letter detailing additional requirements may be sent to the student with the receipt for fees paid. International students who wish to transfer from another school or educational institution in New Zealand must follow all the above procedures and have their student permit/visa changed by N.Z. Immigration.


      International students accepted at Burnside High School are full members of the school, subject to its rules and regulations as set out in the School Rules and Conditions of Enrolment for International Students and in the Board of Trustees Bylaws and to the guidelines for course selection as outlined in the annual 'Course Booklets'.

      1. Normally refunds of tuition fees will not be paid after a course starts if the course is for one term or less.
      2. For courses running for more than one term, a refund will be paid providing notice of withdrawal is received within 7 days of starting the course. These refunds will be minus $600.00 administration costs.
      3. For students who withdraw, or are expelled, more than 7 days after the course begins, a refund will not normally be payable. In exceptional circumstances an application for a partial refund may be made, in writing, to the Principal. The payment and amount of any refund will be at the discretion of the Principal.
      4. Students who gain Permanent Residence status, or whose parents gain a Work Permit or Long Term Business Visa will not be eligible for a refund unless prior agreement in writing was given at the time of enrolment.


      Once your application has been processed our Homestay Coordinators will be pleased to organise a family home. One of them will contact you via email when they have found a suitable host with details of the family. The homestay coordinators will also meet students at the airport if required.  The school assures the responsibility of providing ongoing support and advice from the Homestay Coordinator for those who use our homestay service, at no additional cost.

      Beginning of year procedure, advice on medical insurance and other information will be forwarded to all successful applicants. Please note that Medical and Travel Insurance is compulsory while attending Burnside High School. For further information  please  use the contact page  to send an email the  international  staff.

    • Intensive ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Classes

      Every student is tested on arrival for English. For students who do not reach the English requirements Burnside High School has an excellent "Intensive ESOL Class".  Students with lower English will be placed in this class until their English is at a level to go into mainstream classes.

      The Intensive ESOL Class is taught by specialist teachers who teach the language of the following subjects:

      • English
      • Mathematics
      • Social Studies
      • Science
      • Computing

      Students in this class also do 2 hours of Physical Education each week.