Junior Science

Our Junior Science program is a two year journey through aspects of the four contextual strands from Levels 4-5 of Science in the New Zealand Curriculum.

Assessment of student performance is by three common tests through the course of the year, and 105 minute end of year examination. Additionally, there are practical assessments and investigation into the Nature of Science as a discipline.

The Year 9 Science course covers aspects of all four contextual strands of Science in the New Zealand Curriculum with an over-arching theme of the Nature of Science woven through each topic. This is the first part in a two year journey through our Junior Science programme.

This is the second half of the two year Junior Science programme. The goal of this course is to continue investigating aspects of Science in the New Zealand curriculum and prepare students for study at NCEA Level 1.

Assessment through this year is again from three common tests and from an end of year examination and is used to place students into one of three Year 11 courses. It is therefore important that consistent work habits are developed and thorough preparation is done before any assessment work.