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    What's coming up at the Aurora Centre? This page has details of upcoming events hosted at Burnside High School's Aurora Centre. Both school-based and outside events are featured.

    Please note that not all events are published - due to the nature of the booking.

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    To enquire about booking the Aurora Centre please contact Angela Holmes - or telephone 358-8383
    To enquire about an estimate of costs please contact our Technicians:
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    Aurora Centre Events - What's On At The Aurora Centre


    June 2019

    Kahukura Music Festival

    Wednesday 19 June

    Thursday 20 June 

    See you participating school for tickets.

    Brett Fairweather's Kidz Aerobix


    Saturday 22 June

    The Strictly 1-4 category starting at 10.45am till 1pm
    The Strictly 4-8 category starting at 1.20pm till 3.30pm
    The Strictly All Boys & 7-8 starting at 3.50pm till 5.10pm
    All Star 4-8 category 4-8 starting at 5.30pm till 7pm
    All Star 7-8 category starting at 7.30pm till 9pm 
    Doors open approx 20minutes before each category starts

    Tickets available from:

    North West Festival

    Tuesday 25 June - 7:00pm

    Wednesday 26 June - 7:00pm

    Thursday 27 June - 7:00pm

    See your participating school for tickets.

    JULY 2019

    The Legacy Tour with Kelvin Cruickshank & TJ Higgs

    Friday 12 July 2019 - 7:00pm


    'The Legacy Tour' with Kelvin Cruickshank & TJ Higgs in honour of our late mentor Colin Fry 

    What happens when you mix two international superstar mediums together on one stage! NZs leading medium Kelvin Cruickshank is joining forces with the amazing UK medium TJ Higgs to honour the man that put them both on the map! Colin Fry. What better way to honour his memory than getting these two talents together to do what they do best! Come along to one of the shows to find out what they have in store. Not one but two mediums on stage working together! 

    Passing on messages from loved ones who have passed and are in spirit is what Kelvin was put on earth to do. TJ's passion is bringing peace of mind and resolution to those grieving for their departed, and allowing those in spirit to demonstrate their continued love. 

    Those attending will come away with a new perspective of the afterlife. Kelvin and TJ will both share messages from loved ones and show you how to keep in touch with those who have passed and help you to understand how the afterlife works. 

    When you come to these live shows, please come with an open heart and an open mind. Kelvin and TJ will try to read for as many people as possible but what happens on the night is up to spirit, not Kelvin and not TJ. So relax, chill out and enjoy the show, and you never know - it could be your loved ones who show up. And even if they don't, hopefully the evening will open your eyes to the fact those we've lost are really not that far away at all.

    Tickets available from Ticketek:  0800 842 538 or

    Workshop - Christchurch: Click here to purchase a Workshop on Saturday 13 July, 9:00am.

    Workshop will run from 9:00am to 4:30pm, with a 1 hour break for lunch

    Alex Williamson: Sin On My Face

    Friday 19 July 2019 - 7:30pm


    Best known to his fans for his ‘Loosest Aussie Bloke’ and ‘Bogan Aussie’ characters that reach over 2.5 million of his social media followers, Alex has performed a phenomenal number of shows to a prodigious amount of people. And this comedy juggernaut is only getting stronger as he steams through shows like a deranged Thomas The Tank Engine. 

    Alex is back in NZ and embracing his inner sicko in a brand new tour. Embrace your own inner sicko and let ‘Shooter’ sin on your face. Book early! ★★★★

    "hilarious... a tour de force" - The Speakeasy (NZ)

    Tickets available from Ticketek:  0800 842 538 or

    OCTOBER 2019


    BHS Year 11 and Year 12 Prize Giving

    Tuesday 29 October - 7:00pm

    St Bedes

    St Bede's College Prize Giving

    Thursday 31 October

    Please contact St Bede's College for additional information.

    NOVEMBER 2019


    Aspire2 International Graduation

    Friday 1 November

    Please contact Aspire2 International for additional information.


    Christ the King School - Senior Production

    Wednesday 6 November 

    Ticketing information to follow.

    BHS 2


    Wednesday 20 November - 7:00pm

    DECEMBER 2019