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  • Counselling Team at Burnside High School

    The Counselling Team at Burnside High School comprises four full-time Counsellors with Masters Degree qualifications in counselling, assisted and supported by Counselling Interns on placement working towards a Master of Counselling degree. 

    The New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC) describes counselling as 'the process of helping and supporting a person to resolve personal, social, or psychological challenges and difficulties.' 

    The NZAC (2016) states that 'a professional and well-trained Counsellor helps clients to see things more clearly, possibly from a different view-point, and supports clients to focus on feelings, experiences or behaviour that will facilitate positive change.' 

    Whilst each Burnside High School Counsellor is responsible primarily for counselling students within his/her Division, students are able to see a Counsellor from another Division if necessary. 

    Students are able to make appointments with Counsellors by emailing the Counsellor or by filling out an appointment request form online. In counselling, students have a legal right to confidentiality, unless what is shared concerns imminent risk to the student's or another person's safety, and students are made aware of this as part of the counselling process. 

    Whanaungatanga is an important value in the Burnside High School community. If a parent, caregiver or student has any concerns about the well-being of a student, please contact a Dean or Counsellor.