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Welcome to Physical Education 2014
by Kirsty Sharapoff - Sunday, 2 February 2014, 2:48 AM

Welcome to the Physical Education moodle hub. We are just starting term one, so hope you are prepared and ready for some action in PE this year.

We have swimming and athletic sports coming up in the next couple of weeks,which we strongly encourage you to have a go at. Also keep an eye on the sports notices, for trials and opportunities to get involved in the different sporting areas that Burnside HS offers.

A quick reminder on uniform - you need to make sure that you have your green PE t-shirt, and your green PE shorts for every lesson. A change of socks and some sports shoes are also handy. You may wear your school tracksuit to PE too. Senior students doing practicals (year 12 and 13) are able to wear functional mufti. 

Have a quick look at the Honours board in the Hunter gym. Senior students, if you earn an excellence in PE or Health based subjects, you have the option of having that achievement displayed on the board. 2 excellences will get you an invitation to the Excellence Breakfast so work hard!