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    BHS Robotics Club

    Welcome to the BHS Robotics Club page. This is where you will find information about all things related to robotics.

    Robotics is a fun way to learn engineering, programming and planning skills. In groups you will learn how to organise and participate in various activities.

    We have three types of robots: Vex, Vex IQ and Lego Mindstorms NXT that we use to compete in the VEX robotics and Robocup Junior competitions.

    Regular meetings/practices will be in X8 throughout the week. We will let you know.

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    Types of Robotics

    At Burnside we compete in two competitions:

    • Vex Robotics using Vex Robots
    • Robocup Junior using Lego Mindstorms or Vex IQ
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     Scrimmage Dates - VEX Robotics

    There will be two types of competitions we are involved in for both Vex EDR and Vex IQ:
    • Kiwi/Charlie challenge:
      • Saturday, 24 March - UC
      • Saturday, 14 April - UC - Students can take gear home for holidays
      • Sunday, 6 May - UC
      • Saturday, 19 May Finals - Ara
    • Scrimmages rest of year:
      • Saturday, 19 May - Launch of new game
      • Sunday, 10 June - BHS
      • Sunday, 24 June - UC
      • Saturday, 28 July, UC
      • Saturday, 25 August, UC
      • Sunday, 16 September, UC
      • Saturday, 20 October, UC
      • Auckland?
      • Sunday, 25 November - CBHS
      • Saturday, 8 December - CBHS
      • Sunday, 10 February - CBHS
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      Join the Club for new year

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