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    Burnside students have the opportunity to compete in many multi sport competitions and championships held throughout the country. Students in the past have competed in duathlons, triathlons, rogaine competitions, orienteering races, mud runs and adventure races.

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      Corsair Bay Triathlon 2013


      Well done to all 21 Burnside High School Students who participated in the Canterbury Secondary Schools Triathlon, held at Corsair Bay on Tuesday 19th Feb. Everyone had a great time and produced outstanding results. See below:


      Junior Individual Boys- Max McLachlan, 9NOY: 11th Place (52:16)
      Intermediate Individual Boys- Nathan James, 10SCT: 7th Place (59:29)
      Senior Individual Boys- James Moir, 12SGL: 5th Place (81:37)


      Junior Girls Teams- 2nd Place (42:50)
      Kate Giddens, 10NMD
      Sarah McAnergney, 9SBD
      Charlotte Blair, 10NSKR


      Senior Girls Teams- 8th Place (96:14)
      Amelia Resse, 13KL
      Molly Spink, 13CZ
      Laura Wyatt, 13PZ


      Junior Boys Team- 3rd Place (43:39)
      Flynn Marshall, 9NRS
      Judd Cargin, 9NRS
      Shaun Skilling, 9SKN


      Intermediate Boys Team – Short Course Bike- 3rd Place (42:26)
      Harley Porter, 10WBV
      Angus Bailey, 10SBL
      Hamish Findlay, 10NTE


      Senior Boys Teams- 1st Place (63:30)
      Max Marshall, 12NWU
      Adam Bull, 12NMF
      Sean Eustace, 12NHE


      Mixed Teams Event - Senior- 2nd Place (76:40)
      Louis Godfrey, 12WJA
      Bella Spooner, 12NLO
      Nick Findlay, 12NLO