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    Mr P M Holstein BSc

    Second Principal 

    Miss A L Griffin BSc (Hons) MA (Ed) PGCE

    Divisional Principals:

    Miss S M Baldwin MA (South Division) 

    Ms S P Goodman MEd (West Division)

    Mr M White BCom (North Division)

    Assistant Principal:

    Mr A W Robertson BSc (Senior Division)

    Faculty Heads:

    Mr J H F Creighton BSc (Technology)

    Mr D R Findlay BPE DipEd (Physical Education & Health)

    MR C L Green BPR & TM MEd (Hons) (Social Science)

    Mr M Greenslade M.Ed(Dist) BA CertCounsMNZAC (Student Support)

    Ms E J Harrison PGDA BA (English)

    Miss R T O’Loughlin BSc (Hons) (Science)

    Mr M R Paull BSc (Hons) (Mathematics)

    Ms C Prasertdee BA (Japanese) MIA (Languages)

    Mrs V L Sandes BFA (Creative Arts)


    Ms P J Olds BA (Hons) (Senior Division)

    Mr D Deavol BA (Senior Division)

    Miss S A Higginson BA (Senior Division) (Left 07/02/2020)

    Mrs C J Veatupu ACTD NZDipSpecSubjs(Sec) (North Division)

    Ms K E Healey BA (Hons) MA (North Division Assistant)

    Mrs A M Hampton BA DipTch (North Division Assistant)

    Mrs K A Hunt BA (West Division)

    Mrs AA Hennig BA MA GDipTchLn (West Division Assistant)

    Mrs R Knights BA GDipTchLn (Sec) GDipMgmt (West Division Assistant)

    Mrs K E Aburn BA (South Division)

    Mr K Wagner MA BA (South Division Assistant)

    Mr M T Crosby BA (South Division Assistant)


    Mr J R Gerve MA (Hons) CertTESOL (HOD) (Left 12/02/2020)

    Mrs J A Romans MAdLitNumEd PGDipSLT DipTch GDSE BA (HOD)

    Mrs S L Lim BTchLn ACTD CertTESOL (Dist) NZDipSpecSubjs (Sec) (Assistant HOD)

    Mrs L Evans BA(Hons)

    Mrs C Forde BSc 

    Miss B T Goodwin BA GDipTch

    Mrs K M McTavish BA 

    Mrs J Wattchow BA


    Creative Arts:

    Mrs V L Sandes BFA (HOF) (Sculpture) 

    Ms F J Dwyer BFA (HOD Visual Arts) (Photography)

    Ms J L Braithwaite MA(Hons) (Assistant HOD Visual Arts)

    Mr C Petch GRNCM PPRNCM (HOD Music) (Music Performance)

    Mr C Hood BMA (Assistant HOD Music)

    Ms K Olliver BA (HOD Drama)

    Ms C Koning BA (Hons) GDip (Assistant HOD Drama)

    Mrs T R Ellis BA GipTch (Acting HOD Dance)

    Mrs G Hannan BA (Hons) (HOD Dance) (On Leave 2020)

    Mrs R M Balchin BMus GDipTch

    Miss U Bashford BFA(Hons) (On Leave Term 1 2020)

    Mrs S M Delaney BFA

    Miss S A Higginson BA (Hons) (Left 07/02/2020)

    Miss L J P Holland BFA BA (Hons) GDipTch (Sec)

    Ms VA Mentink BA DipTSN CELTA TIC (Art History)

    Mr C Oswin BMus (Arts) GDipTchg

    Miss A Papageorgiou BA

    Dr H M Renaud BMus Hist. & Lit. DipExMus MMus

    Mr R Tellick MA BA (Hons)


    Ms E J Harrison PGDA BA (HOF)

    Mrs J G Johnson BA CertTESOL (Assistant HOF)

    Ms S M Reid BA (Assistant HOF) 

    Mrs E H Thwaites BA (Hons) (TIC Junior English)

    Ms S Briggs BA 

    Ms T Burgess BA GDipTchLn

    Miss C Cook MA PGCE BA (Hons)

    Ms R Craig BA (TIC Media Studies)

    Ms A C Davison BA GDipTch(Sec)

    Mr D Deavol BA

    Ms K E Healey BA (Hons) MA 

    Miss M B M Hegarty BA MTchLn

    Mrs AA Hennig BA MA GDipTchLn

    Miss R J Heta BA (Hons) GDipTch GDipArts

    Mrs J R Kleinpaste BA (Pasifika Co-ordinator)

    Mrs R Knights BA GDipTchLn (Sec) GDipMgmt

    Mr R A J McDonald BA PGDipTchLn

    MR A G McIntosh BA DipTchLn

    Ms V A Mentink BA DipTSN CELTA TIC (Art History) 

    Ms P J Olds BA (Hons)

    Mrs A V Provis BA (Hons) MA 

    Miss E Ryder BA 

    Ms J E Schroeder BA GDipTchLn


    Ms C Prasertdee BA (Japanese) MIA (HOF)

    Ms C M Currie BA CertTEFLA (European Languages) 

    Mrs A Boyle BA TEFL

    Mr M T Crosby BA

    Mrs T H Gilchrist BMaori Languages & Indigenous Studies (Te Reo Maori)

    Mrs A P R Goldsworth BSc DipTReo GDipTchLn (Te Reo Maori)

    Mr K S Grounds

    Mr M R McKee BA (French & Politics)(Hons) PGCE

    Mrs R J Moreno BA GDipTch(Sec)


    Mr M R Paull BSc (Hons) (HOF)

    Mrs S M Pooch BEd (Assistant HOF) 

    Mr P F Weusten BSc Senior Mathematics (TIC Calculus)

    Mr H Addison BSc

    Ms J Alabaster BSc DipTch GradDip Applied Computing

    Mrs R Baird BA

    Mr J Dalley BE (Hons)

    Mrs K C Given BSc

    Mr C S Hall BSc (Hons) GDipTchLn(Sec)

    Miss I R Lewis BSc GDipTch(Sec)

    Mrs R Martin BSc 

    Mrs A C Middelkoop BSc

    Mr M J Planner BSc (Hons) Mech.Eng DipTch

    Ms M Richards BSc 

    Mrs S Risbridger BSc (On Leave 2020)

    Mr T Schumacher BA (Hons) (Data Analysis and Systems Administrator)

    Mrs K J Stark BSc DipTch

    Mr M F Summerfield BSc

    Mr K Wagner MA BA 

    Mr J Wilkes BSc

    Mr D R Williams BSc

    Ms Y Zhang BSc (Physics) GDip Sci 

    Physical Education and Health:

    Mr D R Findlay BPE DipEd (HOF PE)

    Mr S Manners BA (Hons) (Assistant HOF - PE)

    Miss O M Wells BEdPE (Assistant HOF - Health)

    Mr B H Christeller MA (Applied) DipPE (Outdoor Education)

    Mr S D Ryburn BEdPE (Sports Leadership)

    Mr W B Boyd DipPE

    Mrs E K Davison BRM (On Leave 2020)

    Ms N M Delaney BHsc GdipTch (Sec)

    Mrs C J Jellyman MSc BEdPE (On Leave 2020)

    Ms C J Phillips BPR & TM GDipTchLn Cert Fitness Industry Training

    Mrs K M  Sharapoff BPE DipEd

    Mrs T A Smith BSpEx

    Mrs A J Taylor BEdPE (On Leave 2020)

    Mr W T Taylor DipPE

    Miss H M Townsend BPE (Hons) 

    Miss A M Wetherall BRM (Sport) GdipTchLn (Sec)


    Miss R T O’Loughlin BSc (Hons) (HOF Science)

    Mr M J Easterbrook MSc (Hons) DipTch (Assistant HOF - Biology)

    Mr N L Roberts BSc (Assistant HOF - Chemistry)

    Mr J I Watson BSc BCom (Assistant HOF - Physics)

    Mr H D Cattell BHortSci (Horticulture)

    Mr C P Bath-Risbridger BSc (Electronics)

    Ms L Choo BSc

    Mr F J Cresswell BSc GDipTchLn

    Dr A C Crowther PHD BSc (Hons)

    Mrs C Forde BSc

    Mrs C E Fyfe BSc (On Leave 2020)

    Ms N J Hayes BSc GDipTch

    Mrs K A Hunt BA

    Mr C P Johnston BSc 

    Mrs P M Kees BEd

    Mr G L Knight BSc 

    Miss S R Moloney BSc PGDip Environmental Science GDipTch

    Mrs S M Porter BSc DipSci

    Mr A W Robertson BSc

    Mr G P S Smith PhD MSc BSc MTchgLn

    Mr A K Smythe BSc 

    Mrs R A Stidder BSc 

    Mr Z H Tang BSc GDipTchLn

    Mrs C E Wichman BSc DipSci

    Mrs C Widdowson BSc (Hons) PGCE

    Social Sciences:

    Mr C L Green BPR & TM MEd (Hons) GDipTchLn (HOF)

    Mr S E Coster BPR & TM GDip BPR & TM GDipArts (HOD History)

    Mrs G G Fernandez BA CertManag (HOD Classical Studies)

    Mr R P Hughes MCom (Hons) (HOD Commerce)

    Mr M J Terry BCom (Assistant HOD Commerce)

    Ms D M Lee BA CertTESOL (HOD Geography & Tourism)

    Miss C L Barker BCom

    Mrs N L Brouwer BSc  

    Mr B Gibson BSc GDipTchLn (Sec)

    Ms S G Gold BA(Hons) MTchLn

    Miss R K Hiku BA GDipTchLn

    Mrs R Keighley BA PGDipTchLn (Legal Studies)

    Mr J C Land BA (Hons)

    Ms L A McLachlan BA PGDipEd (Distinction) MEd (First Class Honours)

    Mrs S E Maguire BA 

    Mrs L O'Mahony BA BCom

    Mr C Oswin BMus (Arts) GDipTchg

    Mr G E Pickering BA BSc MBA

    Miss L H Shepherd BSpC GDipTchLn(Sec)

    Miss K J Warnock BA GDipTch 

    Mrs C E Whelpton BA (Hons) HED

    Student Support:

    Mr M Greenslade M.Ed (Dist) BA CertCounsMNZAC (Senior Division) HOF

    Mrs J M Doogan BA DipCom DipTchg (HOD Careers and Transition)

    Mrs R A Stevenson BA BTchLn DipSTN (HOD Learning Support)


    Ms R M Cave MEd (Counselling)(Hons) GDip Arts(Human Services)(Dist) Lth, PMNZAC (South Division)

    Mr G S King BA(Hons) BD (Dist) PhD MEd (Dist) Cert.Counselling (West Division)

    Mr D Phipps BA (Psychology)  (North Division)

    Ms M S Skidmore BA GDipTchLn NZAC (West Division)

    Mrs L A Johnstone BTchLn (Intern Counsellor West)

    Miss E B Turnbull BA (Intern Counsellor)

    Learning Support

    Mrs L Parrett BSc GDipTchLn

    Mrs A M Hampton BA DipTch

    Mr F Sharpe MSc BRS GDipTchLn CELTA

    Mrs B S Wylie BEd DipTchg (Mentor for Students with Specific Learning Needs)

    Learning Assistants:

    Mrs  S D Alexandre

    Mrs M P Clark BA DipTchg

    Mrs J Cloake Cert.TA

    Ms J F Dodgson TTC

    Ms M E H Doughty BA (Hons)

    Miss D B Foulds Cert.TA

    Mrs S E Healey-Hughes MA BA(Hons)

    Mr B J Laing DipAnimationAdv DipAnimation & Digital Video

    Ms J K Lattimore BA DipTch

    Mr J Lucas DipTchg

    Mrs D Morrison

    Mrs E A Norman BA DipTch CELTA

    Mrs K E Piercy 

    Ms J A Reid (Te Kura Correspondence Manager)

    Miss S Seinafo

    Mrs H C Stuart

    Mrs T Sutton Cert.TA

    Transition and Careers

    Mrs K E Aburn BA 

    Mrs K M Boggi (Careers Office Administrator)

    Mrs N J Brown (STAR & STP Programmes Assistant)

    Mrs R Mountstevens (Gateway Co-ordinator)

                                   (Careers Administrator)


    Mr J H F Creighton BSc (Digital Technologies) (HOF)

    Mr C Burr NZDipSpecSubj(Sec), PGDipEd(Literacy), MEd(Hons) (Assistant              HOF Technology)

    Mrs K L Hanley BApM (Acting Assistant HOF Technology Food & Textiles 24/02 - 30/10/2020)

    Mrs A L Keith BTchLn CertProf Cookery BCA (Acting Assistant HOf Technology Food & Textiles 24/02 - 30/10/2020)

    Mr N R Sandes BCA BTCHLN (Assistant HOF Technology) (On Leave 24/02/ - 30/10/2020)

    Ms S Consedine MEdl Dip.Tchg NZDipSpecSubjs

    Ms J M Crawford BDes GDipTchLn Trade Cert Adv.Tra Cert Typography

    Miss J J Damian BSc GDipTch (Sec) Dip Prof Cookery Hospitality Industry

    Mr S Dunford BSc GDipTchg (Sec)

    Mrs K Dunn BEng (Hons) PGDipEd (e-learning and Digital Technologies)                     MEd (First Class Honours)

     Mrs D Jarrett Dip HSC (TIC Food & Nutrition and Early Childhood)

    Mr C S J Ling

    Mr A B Kerrison DipSpecSubjs DipTch

    Mrs T J Maddaford BDes GDipTchLn (Sec)

    Mr P C Maher NZCB NZDipSpecSubjs (Sec)

    Miss C March BA (Hons) PGCE 

    Mr S O'Sullivan BSc PGDip (Water RM) GDipTchLn(Sec)

    Mr S G Rodkiss BEd PE (Hons) PGC (AP)

    Mr R A Smith HNC MechEng GDip(Sec)

    Ms K F Tran BDes GDipTchLn

    Mrs C J Veatupu ACTD NZDipSpecSubjs (Sec)

    Mr Z J Wallace-Bell BAD (AVA) GDipTchLn (Sec)


    Principals’ Secretary:

    Mrs M E van Vuuren

    Mrs F M Hamilton (Admin Support)

    Facilities Mgr:

    Mr W Lauder

    Business Manager:

    Mr T Music MBA BComm

    Finance Assistants:

    Mrs J M Haworth (Accounts Administrator Mon-Wed)

    Mrs S McCabe BA (Assistant Accountant)

    Mrs J Whitaker DipIAC (Accounts Administrator Thur-Fri)

    Network Manager:

    Mr A P Godfrey BE DipTchg CNA

    Mr D N Sutton (Assistant)

    IT Support:

    Mrs V A Cook BSc BA

    Mrs K Maguire

    Mr P C Scott CBC CNA

    Qualifications and Assessment Manager:

    Mrs J E Lowes BSc GDipTchg 

    Personnel Administrator:

    Mrs M Ralfe

    Mrs V Weir (Payroll Administrator)

    Enrolment/Publicity Officer:

    Mrs B Shaw

    International Student Director:

    Mr C Rosengrave B.Jap G.DipTchLn

    International Student Administrator:

    Mrs S M Warnock 

    Homestay Co-ordinator:

    Mrs H K Fitzsimmons 

    Mrs D G George (Left 21/01/2020)

    Mrs K S Dillon (Assistant)

    International Marketing:

    Mr C Rosengrave B.Jap G.DipTchLn (Academic)

    International Receptionist:

    Mrs K S Dillon

    Library Manager:

    Ms S Stanley-Boden BA


    Mrs A Boardman Dip ILS

    Library Assistants:

    Mrs H Grinter Cert Lib Studies

    Mrs H A Wilson Higher National Diploma Business and Finance


    Mrs K M Campbell (Attendance)

    Mrs J A Cook (Communications/Receptionist)

    Mrs A M Holmes (Aurora Booking Administrator/Word Processor)

    Mrs S Kamariera (Database Administrator)

    Mrs W S McWhinnie (Attendance)

    Mrs V H Morris-Williamson (Reprographics)

    Mrs L R Preston (Sick Bay)

    Mrs B A Smales (Office Manager/Cashier)

    Arts Co-ordinator:

    Miss C M R Ensor BA BMus (Hons)

    Music Library:

    Mrs R J Doig

    Music Tutors:

    Mr C Ballara

    Ms M Chua

    Mrs R J Doig

    Mr J P Robinson

    Sports Co-ordinators:

    Mrs R D Guillemot NZDipBus

    Mrs T C Taylor


    Miss R Bond-Bates (Textiles Technician)

    Miss I C Chensem (PE Technician)

    Miss A Cook (Home Economics)

    Mr S R Entwistle (Technology) Dip.Tchng Trade.Cert Carpentry

    Mrs R Fernando (Food) BA

    Mr G N Johnson (Audio-Visual/Electronics)

    Ms J McCone (Science)

    Mrs L M McNabb (Science) BSc MSc 

    Ms R Smallridge BOD (Visual Art)

    Cultural Support:

    Mrs J R Kleinpaste BA (Pasifika Co-ordinator)

    Mr K Kahukura-Denton (Pasifika & Māori Support Worker)

    Learning Centre Administrator:

    Mrs A J Peet

    Teacher Aides (ESOL):

    Miss A Berry

    Ms E A Reid BAM CELTA

    Mrs K L Scott

    Mrs D J Westaway BEd (Hons)

    Youth Workers:

    Josh Olds (Team Leader)

    Gene Kweon

    Nathaniel Loong

    Sophie Madsen

    Marcus Sim


    Mr D M Reynolds


    Mr S Cable

    Mr D V Lewis

    Mr W E McJarrow


    Mr R Denny

    Staffroom and Uniform Shop:

    Mrs J A Cook (Uniform Shop)

    Mrs A Brown

    Mrs S G Williams

    Aurora Centre Operations Manager:

    Mr R Wiltshire Bsc DipSci

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