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    Assistance is available for students who need special assessment conditions for internal and external assessment and have been identified as meeting required criteria, this includes supporting documentation. For any matters concerning special assessment conditions, the contact person is Mrs Stevenson.

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    Students are currently working on the following programmes:.

    Level 1 and 2 students are currently working on their individual tasks.

    Unit Standard 4249 Demonstrate care and timeliness: as an employee due before end of term 3.

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      Correspondence 2015

      Reminder to all Te Kura Correspondence students that you need to come to Learning Centre once a week to see Mrs Scott to discuss your correspondence programme. It is your responsibility to come at the allocated time or if you are unable to make this meeting then you must let me know by email or calling in prior to your intended absence. Alternatively you can leave me a brief note in the drop box located at the Learning Centre reception desk.