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    Canteen News

    Due to us only charging for 100mL jucies last term, not 200mL sadly our prices have had to go up to $1.50. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Hot Food

    Sausage Rolls $1.50
    Garlic Bread
    Pizza $2.50

    Large Gourmet Rolls

     - Moroccan Lamb
     - Beef, Bacon & Cheese
     - Satay Beef
     - Spinach & Feta
     - Vegetable Korma
    Chicken Tendors with Aoili $4.50
    Chicken Rice Balls $4.50
    Vegetarian Rice Balls $4.50
    Sushi Rolls (Thurs and Fri only) $4.50
    Fresh Sandwiches $4.00
    Filled Rolls $4.50
    Roast Vegetable Salad $5.00

    Cold Food

    $4.50 Rice Balls/Sushi Roll
    $4.00 Sandwich Variety
    $3.00 Chocolate Brownie
    $3.00 Caramel Slice
    $3.00 Chelsea Buns
    $3.00 Chocolate Danish
    $3.00 Cheese Scones
    $3.00 Chocolate Muffins
    $3.00 Bread Stick
    $4.50 Roast Chicken Filled Rolls
    $4.50 Ham Filled Rolls

    Roast Vege Salad


    Cakes, slices and cookies (all made fresh on-site by a new baker).


    Sandwiches, rolls and wraps (made on-site daily)

    Range of Tip-Top ice-creams and juicies available.

    We encourage pre orders, this can be done via the year 13 window before school. 
    Gluten Free and Vegetarian options are available, but again we encourage pre orders so you don't miss out.
    All our cookies and slices are baked on site. As is all our hot food. Our bread is supplied by Bread Of Europe.
    Thanks again for your patience as we navigate our way through building the best menu we can.
    Kirstie and the Team in the Canteen