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by Bernadette Shaw - Thursday, 16 March 2017, 12:25 PM

This year's NZSO NYO has just been announced and contains three current BHS students and seven ex-BHS students, all of whom have come through the Specialist Music Programme.
6 of these students are in leadership positions, including the Concertmaster and associate Concertmaster. This is an exceptional achievement. Places in this orchestra are hotly contested and are open to students up to the age of 27, many of whom travel home from overseas study to take up their places.

Congratulations to current students:

Sarang Roberts, Marijke Cooper and Liam Johnson

and to past students:

Estelita Rae
Grace Stainthorpe
Caroline Norman
Lavinnia Rae
Anneleise Westerman
Dale Vail
Robert Petch

The concerts will be held in Wellington and Auckland on July 14/15. Tickets available from the NZSO website for those interested.