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Super Street Arcade Testing Day

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Super Street Arcade Testing Day
by John Creighton - Thursday, 7 September 2017, 8:06 PM

Super Street Arcade Testing Day

Gapfiller Arcade

The culmination of six months worth of work came to the beginning of the end for several talented Burnside High school students as they were invited to test their creations on Christchurch’s Super Street Arcade on Thursday 7th of September. 

A large number of teams took up the challenge The game (or games) that make the grade will be put up for all to play on the arcade itself on the corner of Tuam and High street (on the side of the Vodafone building) for the summer season. 

Ben Hollows, Ali Abbari, Olivia Burnett, Jack Breurkes and Sam Wallace created the spectacular “Pavlova Pursuit”. 

Jeremiah Tria, Sem Salgo Jafet and Catherine Illingworth put together a highly polished game- “Grapple Gambado”. 

A special thanks must go to Ben Hollows, who, as well as being lead programmer on one of the projects, also created the public web application that allowed all the teams to upload their games and have them rated by the public. This is no small task and all the schools and organisations involved are indebted to Ben for the time, skill and professionalism that he has shown in creating this platform for us all. 

Thanks must also go to Sally Airey and Damien Doyle from Gapfillers and Nadia Thorne from Cerebral Fix who have worked tirelessly to coordinate the schools and companies involved to allow this to happen. 

Try the games out and leave some (constructive) comment at https://ssa.hollows.xyz/