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Your Future in STEM: Uni & Career Pathways

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Your Future in STEM: Uni & Career Pathways
by John Creighton - Thursday, 19 October 2017, 10:17 AM

On Monday 30 October, we are holding an event at the Gibson Centre at Rangi Ruru Girls High School, Merivale with a 5:45pm arrival for a 6pm start.

Click the image below to register using the promo code, “BURNSIDE" to register for the event for free for parents and students of Burnside High School!


The seminar will address the future of STEM, skills needed in the STEM industry and what students can be doing now to further their passions for STEM. We are excited to be talking with some amazing young entrepreneurs and industry experts who'll be there to share their stories and knowledge!

We are really lucky to have Rob Fuller as our industry expert speaker. A degreed engineer with a 20+ year career in engineering, IT, project management, and technical sales, Rob has worked for a variety of large and small organisations in the United States and New Zealand including the US Air Force, NASA, and Ford Motor Company.

Evie Wallace will also be taking the stage as our student speaker; sharing her story as a engineering student in Christchurch. 

We’d love to invite the parents and students of Burnside High School along and have created a promo code, “BURNSIDE" to be used to register for the event for free. Simply open up the flyer and click on the Christchurch option to sign up!

Refreshments will be provided.