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Brightsparks Successes!

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Brightsparks Successes!
by John Creighton - Thursday, 16 November 2017, 2:19 PM

Congratulations to the Burnside finalists and winners!

Vincent lee, Jack Breurkes, and Felix Backhouse.

Results from Bright Sparks. Burnside dominates again nationally.

2017 ASB Bright Sparks Winners

Senior Engineering (Sponsored by MIT)
1st place | Michael Hann - TEMS
2nd place | Felix Backhouse - Bird’s iView
3rd place | Angus Lynch - The Runner Project

Senior Software (Sponsored by MYOB)
1st place | Jack Breurkes - Mobile Physics Game
2nd place | Ryan King - CodeRace
3rd place | Angus Lynch - The Runner Project
Science (Sponsored by Michelle Dickinson)
1st place | Bill Campbell - Gamified Beep Test
2nd place | Dylan Townsend - Concussion Conundrum
3rd place | Jack Breurkes - Mobile Physics Game
Environment (Sponsored by A-Ward)
1st place | Felix Backhouse - Bird’s iView
2nd place | Zach Preston - Sentinel
3rd place | Ben Fletcher - Image Recognition Rat Trap