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Rowing Success

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Rowing Success
by Bernadette Shaw - Wednesday, 7 March 2018, 8:24 AM

A huge thank you to everyone who came and supported Burnside High School over the weekend and witnessed our most successful South Island Secondary Schools Rowing in recent years!!

Two massive days of racing were only managed thanks to all our parents supporting, feeding and organising the rowers! After a huge programme of heats we came away with 10 A finals and 2 B finals!

A breakdown of the results

 3rd GU16 1x Sharni Ross

4th B Novice 8+ Sam Thompson, Hamish Trenchard, Jackson McKenzie, Thad Goeysinsup, Noah James, Riley Goad, Jaedyn Ellenbroek, Adam Johnston - Zach Landon Lane (Cox)

5th B Novice 4+ Sam Thompson, Hamish Trenchard, Jackson McKenzie, Thad Goeysinsup - Zach Landon Lane (Cox)

6th GU171x Marion Hardwick

6th B Novice 4x Noah James, Riley Goad, Adam Johnston, Campbell - Zach Landon Lane (Cox)

7th B Novice 2x Thad Goeysinsup, Jackson McKenzie

8th Novice 2x Noah James, Riley Goad

 8th GU16 4x Sharni Ross, Alex Landon-Lane, Sophie Rowland, Harriet - Zach Landon Lane (Cox)

8th BU16 1x Theo Goeysinsup

1st (B final) GU16 2x Sharni Ross, Harriet Fraser (5th fastest time overall)

8th (B final) BU16 2x Theo Goeysinsup, Sam Brown 

My favourite quote from the regatta came from Hamish after the Novice four getting 4th in their A final "we didn't get the result we wanted but it's pretty cool getting to go out and race like that with my best mates" They absolutely gave it their all in that race and showed a lot of heart. Sometimes races don't go your way and it was so awesome that the boys picked themselves up and are ready to do it all over again.