2012 Year 10 Bring Your Own Device Trial

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2012 Year 10 Bring Your Own Device Trial
by BHS Admin - Wednesday, 9 November 2011, 8:54 PM

Dear Parents,

Burnside High School is investigating ways of integrating ICT to improve student learning outcomes.

One possibility is to establish ICT-rich classrooms where students bring and use wireless Internet-capable devices as part of their regular classroom activity.

Parental input into the decision making process is essential to the success of initiatives like this. With this in mind we are surveying all parents of Year 9 students about a possible trial of a Bring Your Own Device programme for some Year 10 classes in 2012.

If the survey responses are positive, our intention would be to begin next year with a group of three classes of Year 10 students in some core subjects. These classes would be taught by Science, Social Studies and English teachers trained in methods of online learning.

The survey can be accessed on the School's website:

The survey also provides a link to a detailed rationale for this initiative.

We encourage parents to read it prior to filling in the survey.

Thank you for taking part in this survey