2012 Year 10 Bring Your Own Device Classes

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2012 Year 10 Bring Your Own Device Classes
by BHS Admin - Monday, 28 November 2011, 9:25 AM

Dear parents/caregivers,

Following a successful survey of current Year 9 parents about a possible Bring Your Own Device trial in 2012, we will be introducing a scheme for three Year 10 classes in 2012. The survey was filled in by over 250 parents, with 83% of those surveyed keen for their child to be involved in an IT-rich classroom in 2012. Although we are not able to please everyone, the survey has been vital in selecting classes to take part in the trial.

Students in the Music Performance classes in each division will be asked to bring a netbook or tablet from home if they have one to support their learning in core English, Science and Social Studies and option Music. These classes were chosen because the parents of these students showed the most enthusiasm for the scheme in their survey responses.

We are currently investigating purchase/lease or loan options for families who do not already have appropriate devices.

This is an exciting opportunity for these students and the school. We would like to invite the students and parents of this year's 9NPm, 9WRa and 9SPe to a meeting where more details of the trial will be discussed. The meeting will be held next Thursday evening at 7:30pm in the Burnside High School Staffroom.



Chris Walker

IT Learning Facilitator

Burnside High School