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by Jon Land - Monday, 6 February 2012, 5:31 PM

Agenda for Tuesday 7th February

2.55 in the Year 13 Common Room

1. A very Warm Welcome

2. What is your interest area. Super quick around the group.

3. The Year's projects.

Major school planting

Marea working Bees

Fund Raising for Hinewai

River Clean up

4. Your ideas for projects that will make a difference.

5. Leadership opportunities and badges

6. Encouraging the Junior Divisions

7. Organisation and timings for the major planting. (Who can help us?)

8. AOB

9. Date and time of our next meeting.

10. 21st Century telephone Tree.

11. Moodle Log in. Moodle and a blog.

12. Google Mail.

14. Walk down to inspect the new planting area.