Letter from the Principal dated 16 February 2012 re Upcoming Events

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Letter from the Principal dated 16 February 2012 re Upcoming Events
by Marinda van Vuuren - Thursday, 16 February 2012, 11:23 AM

16 February 2012




Dear Parents/Caregivers


Kia Ora/Greetings 

My best wishes to all as we start a new academic year. 

The school’s communications with the home relies on various means.  We encourage families to keep in touch via our Moodle website ( but we also issue termly updates via two of the local free papers (News Advertiser and Western News) and a newsletter, published three times per year, which is provided to all Burnside High School families. 

Occasionally, such as with this newsletter, special notices are sent home with the students and these are always available on Moodle should you mislay your copy. 


  • Thursday 16 February and Friday 17 February  -  School Athletics Sports

These are held between 8.40am and 2.40pm on both days (weather dependent).  Parents are most welcome. 

The Christchurch Secondary Schools’ Athletics are set down for Tuesday, 13 March (Prelims), and Saturday, 17 March (Finals), with the venue expected to be Rawhiti Domain. 

  • Wednesday 22 February  -  Earthquake Commemoration

Obviously the anniversary of the 22 February earthquake will be a time of reflection for us all.  Our Guidance team has advised that although it is important to mark the significance of this day (and we will via a special Form Class meeting) it is also important to keep our students safe and as normalised as possible. 

Like most Christchurch schools we will be remaining open with lessons as normal.  However, if any parent wishes to take their son/daughter to the community memorial service they should provide their child with a note excusing them for the day, or from interval (10.25 am). 

  • Wednesday 22 February, Thursday 23 February and Friday 24 February  -  Class Photos


  • Thursday 23 February  -  NCEA Information Evening

Note this is a change of day - previously Wednesday, 22 February 

This information evening at 7.30pm in the Aurora Centre is available for any parent/student although it is primarily aimed at advising those new to NCEA (mostly Year 11) about some of the issues surrounding the National Certificate. 

  • Tuesday 28 February  -  Maori Parent NCEA Information Evening

An NCEA Information Evening for the parents/whanau of our Maori students is to be held in the Whare at 7.00pm.  All levels welcome although again, the focus will be on Year 11. 

  • Wednesday 29 February (Period 1)  -  Teacher Training

Parents of our senior students will be aware that on Wednesdays the school starts at 9.15am for Year 12 and 13 students.  

To enable staff to follow-up to earlier professional development training, the school will not start until 9.15am (Form Time) for Year 9, 11, 12 and 13 students on Wednesday, 29 February

Year 10, however, will start at their normal time of 8.15am. 

A late start, Professional Development Training Session, on a Wednesday morning is planned as a trial once or twice a term during 2012. 

  • Monday 5 March  -  PTA AGM

The Parent Teachers Association meets on Monday, 5 March, in our Staff Room. 

Any interested parents are most welcome.  The focus is on keeping good communications with the school (I or Mrs Sidaway usually attend).  The PTA also aims to provide parents with the opportunity to meet others and be informed about educational developments and how to support their child through their teenage years. 

  • Friday 16 March  -  Teacher Only Day

As previously advised via the school calendar there is a Teacher Only Professional Development Day on Friday, 16 March.  This will enable staff to be trained in relation to our new Student Management System (computer system) as well as other IT initiatives. 

The Government has also advised that there will be further Teacher Only Days related to the realignment of Level 3 NCEA Standards in term four.  There will be further advice in this regard later in the year. 

As you can see this is a very busy time and term.  If you are unsure about any school events, view our website/Moodle or contact the school via the main office - phone 358 8383.


Warwick Maguire