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Boys 1st XI teamnamed

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Boys 1st XI teamnamed
by David Williams - Monday, 5 March 2012, 9:33 AM

Boys 1st XI Football Squad - 2012


Andrew Bull, our coach, has made his decision and the following boys have been chosen for the squad this year.


Louis Perriman                13PZ

Liam Thompson               13TE

Mark Avery                      12ML

Sam Doughty                   12MF

Ben Hubbard                   12PL

Thornton Fokkens           13SY

Tim Ferguson                   13SY

Matt Hastings                 13KL

Jordan Thompson           10BU

Brad Woodland               11SK

Mushtaba Rafyee            13GV

Ben Irvine                        11BY

Ben Sapsford                   11HJ

Omid Rafyee                    12BM

David Park                       12DD

Eliot Schwartfeger          13SY


For those of you who made the squad, I congratulate you.  The first training session will be this Thursday out on the front fields (by I and J blocks).  We will start at 3:15.  All must be there.


For those who didn’t, I would like to thank you all for trialling this year.  Your talent made it harder for Andrew the coach to choose his top 16.  I hope you try again for the squad next year.