Email to all parents re: Course Selection and Parent Portal

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Email to all parents re: Course Selection and Parent Portal
by BHS Admin - Thursday, 9 August 2012, 3:22 PM

This is a copy of a letter that went out by email 9/8/12. The letter was individualised for each student and parents (individual details have been deleted from this letter and replaced with ...).

Dear Mr and Mrs ...

Course Selection for ......

Course selection for 2013 will be done via the recently activated Parent Portal. If ... is not returning to Burnside High School next year, can you please inform his/her dean.

The school Moodle site has the information required to assist with your selections. The Moodle site has a link to the Parent Portal. ( )

Your login is ...

Your password is ...

Please ensure you retain the above information.

Once logged in, click Course Selection, then choose a course from each of the dropdown boxes. All boxes must be completed. Compulsory subjects have already been allocated at the various levels. 2013 Year 12 and 13 students will need to select Study as their sixth subject where required. 

You must now click Save to save this data into our database.

Changes to selections can be made on the parent portal up to Monday 20 August 2012. 

Generally changes will be allowed after 20 August only when the student fails to meet the entrance criteria at the beginning of 2013. 

Yours faithfully,

Tim Schumacher