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Burnside High School Cross Country 2013

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Burnside High School Cross Country 2013
by Bernadette Shaw - Monday, 13 May 2013, 11:48 AM


Cross country championships this year were held in cool, foggy conditions which meant visibility was a little low. Thankfully the sports committee was able to show the way via their vibrant fluro vests!

Our top runners again showed their strength, with the senior boys’ race taken out by a very impressive performance from Sean Eustace, with Tannock Blair chasing hard. Jess Schofield has continued to go from strength to strength, easily taking out the senior girls’ title, and Charlotte Blair backed up from last year’s Year 9 victory to take out the Year 10 title, as did Angus Bailey in the Year 10 boys.

Over 800 students completed the cross country.



YEAR 9 BOYS                                               YEAR 9 GIRLS

1st    Micah Heath       9WWi  11.05               1st   Annabelle Rouse  9NGu  12.30

2nd   Max McLachlan  9NOy   11.07              2nd  Melissa Bayley     9SMl   13.17

3rd   Judd Cargin         9NRs   11.22               3rd  Megan Eustace     9NOy  13.28


YEAR 10 BOYS                                             YEAR 10 GIRLS

1st     Angus Bailey      10SBl   9.46               1st    Charlotte Blair   10NSKr 10.56

2nd    Hamish Findlay  10NTe  9.51               2nd   Dom Heath        10NMd  12.21

3rd    Cam Russell       10Gw  10.33              3rd   Mad Fairbrass   10WGw  13.10


YEAR 11 BOYS                                             YEAR 11 GIRLS

1st     Parwez Ikhtiari   11STr  10.24               1st   Sophie Smythe     11WIb   12.37

2nd    Will Murphy        11WWl 10.30              2nd  Maddi Williams    11NSj   13.16

3rd    Fabian Thwaites 11WIb  10.33               3rd  Becky Davidson   11NDd  13.36


YEAR 12 BOYS                                             YEAR 12 GIRLS

1st    Sean Eustace    12NHe 13.46               1st   Jessica Schofield 12SOm  10.55

2nd   Tannock Blair      12NHi  13.55               2nd  Clara Fergus        12WJm  12.37

3rd   Matt Prest            12STn  14.00              3rd  Georgina Roberts 12WSf   13.26


YEAR 13 BOYS                                             YEAR 13 GIRLS

1st    Ben Murphy        13Gv   15.55               1st  Cass Engler          13Pz    12.52

2nd   Ben Hubbard       13Rd   16.19               2nd  Laura Wyatt         13Pz    13.31

3rd   Rory Smyth       13Sy    17.21               3rd  Amelia Reese       13Kn    13.51