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French Masterchef

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French Masterchef
by Chris Wong - Saturday, 22 June 2013, 3:35 PM

Many people that attended the French Masterchef Competition at Cashmere High school will agree that it was certainly an entertaining and rather heated affair that took place last Friday night.

Some teams felt the heat more than others and as our team rushed to finish plating up on time, while actively avoiding food poisoning and gulping down cold water to extinguish burning taste buds, it was fair to say that we had quite an eventful night.

We started off the competition well by leaving half of our ingredients at school, causing our teacher to rush back to grab them. Forty-five minutes later, Madame Boyle was still sitting in evening traffic, resulting in our team going "on pause" for fifteen minutes.

We worked well as a team and we each had our various jobs: Kate and Emily worked on the main, Nick and I on dessert. Our task was to create a main and a dessert from a region in France (we chose Languedoc), and we had two hours to cook these.

The competition was very challenging and the occasional "french word" was said between us as we frantically searched for utensils. At one point, we participated in a game of "hot potato" with a tray potatoes.

Finally we were judged and managed to pull off lemon chicken and for dessert, a flan Catalan. The judged "ooed" and ahhed" in french before coming to the conclusion that our Flan Catalan was the best creme caramel they had ever tasted.

~ Tash Wilson