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Te Reo quiz

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Te Reo quiz
by David Thompson - Friday, 5 July 2013, 10:07 AM

Maori Language Week - Quiz!

As you will by now be aware - this week is Maori Language week. As part of our festivities a daily quiz question has been placed here on Moodle. You must answer all 5 questions correctly to enter the draw for prizes. Entries close at 3pm today. Email your answers to tereoquiz@burnside.school.nz.

Monday's question:

What is the Maori name for the Burnside High School symbol? (Hint: it is a type of tree)

Tuesday's question:

What is the Māori name for Canterbury, and the Māori name for Christchurch? (Hint: They are different) 

Wednesday's Question:

What does the name 'Rangiora' translate to?

Thursday's Question:

What are the Maori names for the two marae in Christchurch?

Today's Question:

Where do Māori believe the spirits of the deceased go to before they depart Aotearoa?