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Canterbury Westland Science Fair

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Canterbury Westland Science Fair
by John Creighton - Monday, 26 August 2013, 8:47 AM


Congratulations to the Burnside High School students who entered the 2013 Canterbury Westland Science Fair. This year we had three entries; Chris Wong 13CZ, James Watson 13CZ and Nathan James 10SCT.

Nathan developed "i-Water"
i-Water provides the ideal solution to the problem of irrigating non-uniform sized planted areas.

i-Water is an intelligent water sprinkler that will distribute water exactly where it is needed, avoiding water wastage. i-water takes a map of watering requirements and distributes water accordingly.

Non grassed/planted areas will not be watered while areas requiring higher levels of water will be provided with additional water.

Nathan placed:Second in Year 9-10 technology and also third prize in the Year 9-13 Environment Canterbury awards

James Watson entered a programmed Rubics cube robot and won the Hamilton Jet Award for Engineering Innovation: for projects showing innovation in engineering design. This came with $500 and the Hamilton Jet Trophy.