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New Zealand Programming Contest Results

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New Zealand Programming Contest Results
by John Creighton - Monday, 26 August 2013, 9:29 AM
NZPCLast  Saturday nine Burnside High school students took part in the National Programming Contest at University of Canterbury - a 5 hour competition
solving problems with different levels of difficulty. There are a number of categories, with school students and University graduates all answering the same set of questions. As the problems increase in complexity, their point values increase.
In the school category, out of 28 teams, Burnside  High School plased: 
1st Kuangda He (13LS) , Chris Wong(13CZ) and Rewi Haar (10NSK)
8th Thomas Wright (12WTA ), Michael Trotter (12SGL  ) and David Wu (12SGL)
9th - Ray Chen (12SOM), Ke He (12SMU), Will Sloane(12NLO)
Our school teams did very well scoring more points than the University teams in other categories.