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Electricity Savings Quiz!

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Electricity Savings Quiz!
by David Thompson - Monday, 14 October 2013, 2:39 PM

The Senior Environment Group are interested in protecting our environment and resources. As part of this they have been working towards reducing our electricity usage at school. By reducing the number of lights and running the "Switch Off" campaign they saved the school several thousand dollars last term which now can be spent on providing other school resources such as computers. They also of course saved many watts of electricity for the country. 

You can make the same savings for NZ and your family by being aware of the electricity usage in your own home.

To encourage this, our energy management advisors, Torque IP, are running a quiz which is attached above. They have kindly donated a $20 itunes card and a box of chocolates for the winner. This info sheet will help you answer the questions. 

All correct answers will go in the draw for the prize. To enter email your answers to torqueipquiz@burnside.school.nz. Entries close at 11am on Monday 21st October.