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Picture of Bernadette Shaw
by Bernadette Shaw - Wednesday, 21 May 2014, 2:10 PM

Last Thursday and Friday over 200 Burnside students competed in the 2014 Stage Challenge at the CBS arena. At Burnside we are luckily enough to have such a large group of amazing dancers and performers meaning we were able to enter a team in both the Raw and Open Division. We gained some great awards all thanks to the hard work of our leaders, cast and crew.
- Excellence for Student Achievement
- Excellence for Performance Skill
- Excellence for Health, Life Skills and Creative Thinking
- Excellence for School Community
- Excellence for Performance Skill,
- Excellence for Visual Enhancement
- Excellence for Drama
- Excellence for Spirit of Stage Challenge
Tech Crew:
- Excellence for Stage Crew
- Excellence for Set, Design and Function
Well done to everyone involved!