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BYOD Information Evening

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BYOD Information Evening
by John Creighton - Monday, 2 June 2014, 10:20 AM

BYOD Information Evening

BYOD Brochure

Burnside High School would like to welcome parents, caregivers, students and staff to the Information Evening on Tuesday 3 June

This is a chance to explain our approaches to Bring Your Own Device and the direction taken towards blended e-Learning in 2014 for all Year 9 Classes.

The event will be held in the Aurora Centre from 6.30pm-8.30pm.

This information evening will outline Burnside High School's plan to use a blended approach to learning; making the most of the current teaching resources and staff knowledge while adopting more modern practices and harnessing a wider range of technologies into the classroom.

The school has recommended Chromebooks as the preferred device because they are durable, quick to load, have a large screen, and also have good battery life. 

The preferred suppliers will be onsite to answer questions and provide advice. 

We welcome your attendance. If you wish to look for more information please click on this link to go to our Blended e-Learning page.

Please click on the image to access the full size pdf.