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Year 13 fieldtrip to Kaikoura

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Year 13 fieldtrip to Kaikoura
by John Creighton - Monday, 30 June 2014, 7:40 PM

Two classes of Year 13 students have just spent 3 days in the field at Kaikoura. The purpose of their visit was to gather information through different research methods about the sustainability of Kaikoura, in terms of the natural and cultural environment. 
Students braved the mud on the peninsula walk, got up close (but not too close) to seals on the board walk, interviewed locals and tourists, visited the seal pup 'kindergarten' at Ohau Stream, and began to process and analyse the data that they collected. 
Both groups were absolutely fantastic. A huge thank you goes to all involved for making this such a rewarding and successful trip.

Thanks to Mr. Land for the photographs