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Year 9 Maori Student WHAKAPAPA

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Year 9 Maori Student WHAKAPAPA
by Sandra Sidaway - Monday, 20 October 2014, 7:53 PM

Kia ora tatou

On Wednesday, 22 October, Year 9 Maori students will have the opportunity to work with Terry Ryan who is a recognised expert on Maori whakapapa. Terry will be able to help students explore their family connections and history.

North and South Division Year 9 Maori students will attend in Form Time and Period 2 and West Division Year 9 students in Period 3. 

The whakapapa sessions will be in the seminar room in the library and students are asked to bring a piece of paper with their mothers' maiden name (her name before she was married), names of grandparents if they know them and any information about their Marae or where their family came from if they know it, written down.

Students are also asked to bring a gold coin as a koha to thank Terry for his time.

Nga mihi nui, Mrs Sidaway