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Picture of Bernadette Shaw
by Bernadette Shaw - Monday, 20 October 2014, 7:09 AM
L to R (Hannah Sutton, Robin Wan, Eddie Wu and Owen Wong)
Robin Wan (9NTHW) has been awarded a Medal for Outstanding Performance in the recent Australian Mathematics Competition. The Competition is sat annually by hundreds of thousands of students from over 40 countries. This year there were only 4 medals won throughout New Zealand, and Robin was the only medallist from outside Auckland.
Owen Wong (9WJAE) and Eddie Wu (10WANH) also did extremely well in the competition, earning a Prize for their efforts. In addition, Hannah Sutton (9NTHW) was awarded the Prudence Award (and a High Distinction) for getting the most questions correct in a row (22 out of 30). Congratulations to all of these students on their excellent achievements.