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CodeWorx Programming

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CodeWorx Programming
by John Creighton - Sunday, 7 December 2014, 9:46 PM


The 2014 Codeworx challange for 2014 has come to a conclusion. This National premiere programming competition for students from 9-13 was entered by a large number of students.

SECOND PLACE   (INDIVIDUAL)     Nathan James from Burnside High School 
THIRD PLACE        (INDIVIDUAL)     Tom Wright from Burnside High School

SECOND PLACE   (TEAM ENTRY)   Niko Tainui, Jacob Woods, Cameron Giddens and William Withers from Burnside High School

What they had to do...

  • Solve a real world problem
  • Be useful in someone's everyday life‚Ä®
  • User-friendly design
  • Process-driven computer programming