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DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP for Year 10 - 13 and any interested staff and families

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DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP for Year 10 - 13 and any interested staff and families
by Sandra Sidaway - Tuesday, 23 June 2015, 9:31 AM


Please note, each session taken by John Parsons from Nelson, will be 75 minutes long.

YEAR 13 - Please be seated in the Aurora Centre at 8.25am on Monday morning. Your Period 1 teacher will join you and take your roll during the first period. You will go to Period 2 at 10.00am as ususal.

YEAR 10 - Please go to the Aurora Centre at the beginning of Period 2 (10.00am) on Monday 29 June. Meet your P2 teacher and sit together so the teacher can take your roll. The presentation will go until the end of interval (11.15am).
At the end of the presentation go to Period 3. Your Period 3 teacher has been asked to give you 15 minutes to go to the toilet and have something to eat & drink.

YEAR 11 - please go to your Period 3 class on Monday to get your roll taken and then your teacher will take you, with your bag, to the Aurora Centre for the presentation which will start at 11.25am.
Your P4 teacher will join you at the beginning of period 4. When the session ends at about 12.40pm, your teacher will take you back to your room and do the P4 attendance.

YEAR 12 - Unfortunately we have had to ask Year 13 to come in 35 minutes early to fit their session in before school and we need to ask you to give up 20 minutes of your lunch hour to fit your session in. We felt this may be preferable to asking you to stay on until 3.00pm.
So, please be seated in the Aurora Centre by 1.25pm on Monday 29 June. Your Period 5 teachers will mark and submit your roll by the end of the presentation at 2.40pm.

Please note that there are spare seats so staff or parents are welcome to join in the back of any of the 4 sessions if they are interested.

Thank you, Mrs SW