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Harry Messel’s International Science School 2016

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Harry Messel’s International Science School 2016
by Carl Johnston - Wednesday, 22 July 2015, 2:35 PM

Being one of the six New Zealand students whom attended the Harry Messel’s International Science School (ISS) has been one of the best experiences of my life and was a truly incredible opportunity. The daily lectures and practical work done at Sydney University mimicked what life will be like at University and increased my interests in science. The mind-blowing lectures from passionate scientists from around the world captured all the students’ imaginations to what they can accomplish within their scientific careers. I enjoyed being surrounded by so many intelligent individuals whom are extremely interested in science, and this set up a very productive atmosphere with everyone contributing. It was extremely interesting having students from so many countries (NZ, US, UK, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China & India) participating in this science school and learning about the different cultures. We were all very productive and learnt a lot while still enjoying ourselves. Also the healthy competitive spirit between the groups was further motivation to succeed. The ‘Young Scientists Australia’ provided us with many fun and entertaining socials and activities such as the bush dance, the science and engineering challenge (which my team won and were awarded trophies for), the quiz night, the egg drop, the movie night, the talent night and the disco. We also attended a Sydney harbour cruise which was the highlight of my trip and a gala where all the students were presented with a badge with their name engraved on the back. We were kept rather busy but there wasn't a dull moment and I enjoyed that we wasted no time. This experience enabled me to gain valuable lifelong friends, unforgettable memories and fascinating knowledge. Fortunately this opportunity was generously funded as my flights were paid for by the royal academy of science, and accommodation and meals by the Harry Messel Foundation. I encourage other students to apply for the ISS when it occurs again in 2017 so they too can experience this amazing school and continue Harry Messel’s legacy. I believe the ISS is truly a unique, memorable and life changing experience for it has seriously made me consider all the areas in science I wish to explore and I have made so many wonderful memories.