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Code Club
by John Creighton - Wednesday, 5 August 2015, 1:04 PM

Burnside now has a formal Codeclub event run by software developers from Telogis and Dynamic Control.

Tuesday Evenings from 5.30 - 6.30 on Tuesdays

In the two terms we will be looking at using basic programming principles and extending it to electronics. We will be using a NetDuino to interact with different components and build basic electronics projects. NetDuinos are programmed in C# and in the two terms we will be introducing C# syntax and relating it to python and scratch.

First term we will look into Digital I/O, Analog in, and PWMs. From there we will go on to using some of the components that are available in the kits and building projects from there.

If you are interested please email cz@burnside.school.nz
for more information on CodeClubs in Canterbury view http://www.codeclub.nz/start-a-club/venues/list/?r=Canterbury