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BrightSparks Finalists

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BrightSparks Finalists
by John Creighton - Wednesday, 21 October 2015, 8:20 PM

Burnside High School has had four students selected for the finals in Brightsparks 2015 in a number of categories; 

Please go to the links below to see the videos that explain the projects. 

There is a people choice award that looks like this;

People Choice

Simply go to the project links below and click it to vote. Please do this from home as it is done by IP address.

Software Development Senior: 

Ben Hollow and Jack Breurkes http://www.brightsparks.org.nz/teaching-as-inquiry-service-software/

Nathan James http://www.brightsparks.org.nz/idispense-software/

Software Development Junior: 

Felix Backhouse http://www.brightsparks.org.nz/locker-security-software/

Engineering Senior:

Nathan James http://www.brightsparks.org.nz/idispense-engineering/

Engineering Junior: 

Felix Backhouse http://www.brightsparks.org.nz/locker-security-engineering/

Environment Senior:

Sophie Smythe http://www.brightsparks.org.nz/bike-bright-environment/

Science Senior:

Sophie Smythe http://www.brightsparks.org.nz/bike-bright-science/

Nathan James http://www.brightsparks.org.nz/idispense-science/