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Earthquake Today - School as usual tomorrow.

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Earthquake Today - School as usual tomorrow.
by Sandra Sidaway - Sunday, 14 February 2016, 6:12 PM

We hope that all in the Burnside High School community escaped today's earthquake with no serious effects.

Our school buildings have been visibly checked and there is no sign of any damage. Chairs are still up on desks etc.

The Ministry of Education has said that this is enough re-assurance for us to be able to open as usual tomorrow morning. To add to this assurance, they have said that they will arrange for engineers to visit the school later in the week.

School will therefore begin, as scheduled on Monday, at 9.00am.

A reminder that Year 12 ID photos will also begin at 9.00am and school will finish at 2.30pm to enable staff to be involved in part of the interview process to select a new Second (Associate) Principal.