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by Marinda van Vuuren - Wednesday, 24 February 2016, 4:09 PM

Please be aware that the following email was sent to all families this afternoon in case you did not receive it:

This email is to inform you that at lunch time today Burnside High School was one of seven schools nationally that received a pre-recorded automated voice message that said there was 'an explosive device on site'.

We took this threat seriously and immediately contacted the police.  They responded rapidly by coming on site but because of the nationwide extent of the calls, which originated from a Wellington telephone number, they advised that we take no immediate action that would cause stress for students and staff and so we continued our one afternoon class as normal.

Since that time we have been in constant communication with the police.  Nothing has eventuated in any of the schools but the police have informed us that they will make a media release later in the afternoon.

Phil Hostein, Principal