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by Marinda van Vuuren - Monday, 4 April 2016, 9:57 AM
NCEA fees now appear on school invoices and are due by Wednesday 31 August.  Please refer to the school invoice for methods of payment.

Scholarship Fees
Year 13 students and their parents/caregivers should be aware $30 (GST inclusive) for domestic students; and $102.20 (GST inclusive) for international students, is charged by NZQA for each Scholarship subject entry.  Year 13 students will have the opportunity to enter into Scholarship subjects later in the year.  Following entry into Scholarship, fees incurred will be charged under NZQA fees.

Financial Assistance
Financial Assistance is available to assist with the payment of NZQA fees for domestic students. To be eligible to apply you must be the fee-payer and meet at least one of the following criteria: 

• be currently receiving a Work and Income or Study Link benefit, or have a current Community Services Card (benefit-based application) 
• are not currently receiving a benefit, or do not have a current Community Services Card, but do have a joint family income that would entitle you to receive a Community Services Card (income-based application) 
• have two or more children who are candidates, irrespective of family income, and the total fees you would have to pay would otherwise be more than the $200 multiple candidate maximum (multiple candidate application). 

For further information and to download an application form please click here.  Alternatively, a hard copy of the application form can be collected from either the Assessment Office or Student Office.  

Please return applications for Financial Assistance to the Student Office by Wednesday 31 August.