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Pasifika BizNinja Challenge

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Pasifika BizNinja Challenge
by Bernadette Shaw - Friday, 20 May 2016, 8:50 AM

Talofa Lava

The inaugural Spacpac BizNinga Challenge was held on Tuesday 17th May at Ara (formerly CPIT)

The Pacifica BizNinja Challenge is designed to give important knowledge and skills to support your journey to become an entrepreneur.  It is a competition for teams to brainstorm and find a solution to a current problem.

Students learnt about starting and running a business, business planning processes and business plans.

Burnside entered threes teams with the students in the picture below  coming third.  Congratulations.

Left to right: Faani Tugaga, Manalani-Lotuola Halatanu, Ofa Puleiku and Irene Tugaga