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Brightsparks 2016

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Brightsparks 2016
by John Creighton - Sunday, 23 October 2016, 9:52 PM

Burnside High School once again is well represented in the Brightsparks 2016 finals. In the Premiere National Competition 26 students from across New Zealand have made it to the final round. Burnside students earned 4 of those spots.

Height Sensors, racetrack software, smart hacky sacks and safety systems for Pedestrians are our concepts.

Please click here and vote for the students below for the Peoples Choice Award.

For more info on our students inventions click the links below.

Alvin Li http://www.brightsparks.org.nz/stop/

Ben Hollows http://www.brightsparks.org.nz/evolocity-scoring-and-leaderboard-system/

Nathan James http://www.brightsparks.org.nz/ashimoto/

Thomas James http://www.brightsparks.org.nz/height-sight/