Requirements for Levels 1 - 3 Solo Performance Exams

Performance Exam Requirements for NCEA 2012: Levels 1, 2 and 3


These exams take place once in Term Two and once in Term Four.


The Achievement Standard is a PORTFOLIO, i.e. it is an accumulated set of pieces and marks.


Across the two exams you must get through a minimum of:

  • Year 11 – minimum 2 pieces and 8 minutes.
  • Year 12 – minimum 3 pieces and 12 minutes
  • Year 13 – minimum 4 pieces and 14 minutes


Please note that this is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM FOR ACHIEVED


If you can fulfil the entire requirement in Term Two, with full Excellence, we may allow you gain the standard with no term four assessment. However, this is at the teachers discretion.


May 28th  – JUNE 1st

 First Performance Exam Week


If you would like the school to pay a pianist to accompany you, then you need to get your accompanying music to your Music teacher by the end of Week 1, Term 2.


Accompanying Music should be in a clear file with your name, level and instrument clearly labelled, and with the even numbered pages on the left.



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