KAMAR - Useful Skills

KAMAR Tips and Tricks

A list of useful skills in KAMAR provided by Tim Schmacher


  1. Fast Navigating around Kamar
  2. Checking Your Attendance Completion Week-by-Week
  3. Accessing Kamar from home using the internet
  4. Providing a Relief Plan when you are Absent

Fast Navigating Around Kamar

Click the first letter of where you want to go to. For example after logging in, clicking t opens Teachers, then d opens Details. 
To get back to the Main Menu: 
Either: click the bold Main Menu at top left. 
Or: while holding down Ctrl and Shift, touch the left arrow key.

Checking Your Completion of Attendance week-by-week

To check that your Attendances have been completed week by week:
  • When in the Teachers screen, you see your weekly timetable.
  • While holding down the shift key, clicking < to the left of the date will be take you back a week at a time.
  • As each week comes up, click on any class with a red cross to complete Attendance.
  • Clicking Shift and > takes you forward a week at a time.

Accessing Kamar from home on your school laptop using the internet. 

Andrew and Dael have enabled encrypted direct access into Kamar. With your school laptop (it will only work on the school laptop) connected to the internet, double click the KAMAR.fp7 icon on the desktop. This will log you directly into the Burnside High School Kamar.

This method is faster than using remote access via Terminal Services.


Providing a relief plan for when you are absent.

Teachers > Events Planner. In the bottom third of the screen, click the date you will be away, and then the first of your timetabled classes. Enter the various fields (Topic of Work… Details… etc.).

Once completed, don’t click Print Lesson, but do click Events Planner (in that top ribbon which has Main Menu > Teachers > Events Planner > Lesson Plan). This takes you back to where you can click the next class.

Repeat until all classes are done, return to Events Planner, and now click Print Lessons. This will print off the day’s lessons. Click Print on the dialogue box confirming what you want. You can now either click Print to get a hard copy or click PDF which you can save and then email to your HoD.

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