Here are a few common blocks and their uses:


HTML – The most useful block, because it’s entirely customisable. You can put text in it, photos, videos, google calendars, files, weblinks, widgets, any number of things. A USEFUL TIP to remember is that if you are putting photos or videos or widgets in here, they must be no more than 200 pixels (px) wide (if on the right hand side of the page), or 210px (if on the left).

People – You can use this to view the participants in your course, add members, assign them with editing rights, delete them, etc.

Activities: Gives quick access to different parts of your page – usually Forums or Resources that you have uploaded.

Recent Activities: Shows you what has been going on lately on your course page – resources added, forums updated, assignments submitted, etc. I usually delete this, although it may become more useful when your course is in full swing.

Search Forums: Should your forums become too full to scroll through, you or your students can search by keyword for a particular post.

Settings: Vital for getting your page set up. Includes 'Users', which allows you to add/delete enrolments to your page, and 'Course Settings', which allows you to change the number of sections on your page, or make it accessible to guests, as well as a number of other things.

Latest News: Lists the latest postings to forums

Upcoming Events: Lists next event according to the Moodle Calendar (which can also be added to your site from the Blocks Menu). Works well, but I recommend Google Calendars as being more useful in the long run.


Course Menu / Course Contents – Adds a List of Topics so that students can quickly access a topic on your page.

Quiz Results – Shows a ‘League Table’ of who has taken your quiz and how they have gone.

Random Glossary Entry – Shows a different term from your Glossary (an activity within Moodle) each day. Can be used for ‘Quote of the Day’ or just for helping students become familiar with course jargon.

Remote RSS Feed – Allows you to take information from external websites (eg news sites, specialist subject sites) and feed it into your page.

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