Practice Routines

How do I practice effectively?

  • Practice every day if possible, but at lest 6x per week.
  • Split your practice into: warmups, technique work, solo pieces, other repertoire, e.g. ensemble work.
  • Make a note in a regular note book of what your teacher talks about in your lesson and have this out during practice to remind you. It is useful to go back and review older lessons also.
  • Use a metronome regularly.
  • Use a tuner regularly if this applies to your instrument.
  • Think big-little-big. Play a whole piece, work on a section with lots of repetition, play the whole piece again.

Sometimes we just need a little help

  • Unfortunately regular practice does not always equal regular improvement. When you feel that your practice is not working ask for help.
  • Parents can help by setting regular practice times at home and actively supervising these.
  • Teachers can help by giving you a strict set of guidelines to help you through the tough times in your practice.
  • The school can help by giving you support in practice before school.
  • Remember that you just need to ask, don't wait until you have lost motivation.
Last modified: Monday, 15 August 2011, 2:49 PM