20 Ways to use Facebook in the Classroom

20 Ways to use a Facebook Fan Page in the Classroom

Facebook has changed the way people interact.  By creating a Fan Page, teachers can connect with students beyond the assigned class time WITHOUT becoming a friend.  While some may  use Facebook as a learning management system (there are much better, more efficient systems available) or integrate some of the many apps available within Facebook, these suggestions focus on using the basic Facebook Wall:

  1. Share links about class content
  2. Build rapport with students in their world
  3. Build anticipation for upcoming lessons
  4. Create an ongoing, year-to-year community of students and former students
  5. Encourage students to share links and resources
  6. Encourage former students to share links and resources
  7. Drive students and parents to your classroom content-based website by sharing links
  8. Post photographs and videos of students “in action”
  9. Continue discussions started in class
  10. Broaden discussions in one class to multiple classes and former students
  11. Schedule events - movie nights, review sessions, field trips, etc.
  12. Encourage parents to follow so they can have a window to your classroom
  13. Model and expect academic / professional behavior
  14. Share student work and ask for comments
  15. Post at times that will get a high volume of views (8pm-10pm)
  16. Provide incentives for students to check out the wall (extra credit, etc.)
  17. Make it part of your class routine - project at the beginning of class, use it as your primary method to deliver announcements digitally, refer to it in class, etc.
  18. Post videos files directly into Facebook
  19. Insert podcasts by sharing a link - they will play within Facebook.
  20. Make video introductions using your web cam directly into Facebook


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